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Hawaiian Menu Catering

A South Pacific Feast for a King or Queen


2 ENTREES and 2 SIDES for $32.99 per person
3 ENTREES and 3 SIDES for $38.99 per person
4 ENTREES and 4 SIDES for $44.99 per person

Grilled Chicken Wings with Sweet Thai Chili Sauce
*Mango Crab Cake W/ Key Lime Butter  + $2 per person
Grilled Shrimp W/ Caramelized Pineapple Butter
***Chef’s Coastal Mahi – Fresh Gulf Fish + $8 per person
Teriyaki Chicken Skweres W/ Pineapple Salsa
Jamacian Jerked Chicken Thighs W/ Jerked White BBQ Sauce
Blackened Shrimp Skewers W/ Key Lime Lime Butter

***Chef’s Coastal BBQ Plate + $8 per person

Garden Salad
Roasted Herbed Potatoes
Polynesian Pasta Salad
Coconut Rice and Black Beans
Polynesian Rice
Grilled Seasonal Vegetables

Menus can be redesigned to accommodate your needs.
**All events come with a Chef Fee, Delivery Fee, and Service Fee**

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