Artistic Catering offers both elegant cuisine and a casual atmosphere for couples and guests to enjoy. We know how important your wedding day is and will work diligently to complete your dream day.

The team will create a package for you that best matches your vision, budget, and unique palate. You will have a large selection of dishes to choose from, check out our menu. We also have various desserts to give your guests a sweet send-off. Vegetarian and vegan dishes are also available to ensure that all of your guests enjoy your reception to the fullest.

Yachts & Exclusive Parties

Yacht catering and private chefs are wonderful additions to a yachting experience and are much simpler than people may believe. We offer a variety of preset fully customizable menus for a variety of party size, time at sea or harbor, and if there are any special food requirements we are available to discuss any changes you wish to address.

Our private chefs have a diverse range of cuisine styles and are adept at seeking out regional ingredients from port to port in order to insure a smooth and tasty passage. They have the ability to adjust menus according to sudden changes in location, weather or occasion. Welcoming the challenge a small confined space like a yachts galley provides.

Private Events

Artistic Caterings’ private, in-home chef services are perfect for your home or vacation rental intimate affairs. Whether we’re cooking from scratch in our kitchen and delivering to yours, or setting up shop as your private chef, we pride ourselves on our in-home catering service. Our kitchen will plan, shop, and prepare customized meals for you, your family, and your guests with the utmost professionalism and culinary expertise. With Food For Thought as your caterer, your only responsibility is to relax and enjoy yourself.

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