The Taco Bar


The Taco Bar

This “Taco Bar”  is one of our most favorite buffets for wedding, parties, and family get togethers. All Buffets come with Flour Toritillas, Corn Toritillas, and all the fixings. It is priced by how many Protiens you choose.

1 Protien – 28.99 Per Person
2 Protien – 34.99 Per Person
3 Protien – 38.99 Per Person
4 Protien – 44.99 Per Person

Protien Choices

Chiptole Chicken Thighs (Shredded) | Grilled Cilontro Lime Chicken Breast (Sliced) | Mojo Braised Beef (Shredded) | Herb Marinated Bistro Steak (Sliced) | Blackened Shrimp | Grilled Mahi Mahi

The Fixings

Rice and Beans | Shredded Lettuce | Chips and Salsa | Pico | Shredded Cheese | Fresh Jalapenos


Chiptole Aoili | Avocado Creama | Lime Sour Cream

can be redesigned to accommodate your needs.
All prices subject to a Chef’s fee, Delivery Fee,  and Service Fee. 

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